Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Rustic Retreat

Hello everyone!
This week I am doing a Rustic Retreat and linking up with Susan over at "Between Naps on the Porch" and Tablescape Thursdays! Make sure you visit Susan to check out other beautiful tablescapes!

With Thanksgiving approaching upon us fast and that never ending "to do list" that grows throughout the holiday season, at least mine does.  I thought I would take a "time out" night for hubby and I to relax and enjoy a  little R and R.  As we often like to do, fix our plates and plop ourselves  in the living room in front of the TV and "catch up" after a days of work. Since I am the one that likes having the family at the table, I moved my dining room table into the living room in front of the fireplace .Now I am setting the mood! I have moved my "bigger table" into the dining room in preparation for the holiday season. I can now check that off of my list!

 I kept it simple. A luncheon plate for a nice refreshing salad, a nice piping hot bowl of soup and leaf bowl in the bowl? Well, I am not sure what we would use that for but I thought it looked nice and needed some color.

I used a tee towel for our napkins that I picked up at the dollar store last year at Christmas.

I have a bolt of this "Tree of Life" material that I had purchased off of ebay (such great finds on ebay) many years ago. I was going to make curtains out of it but just couldn't picture them hanging, so I had made panels for pillows for a settee that we had. I have A LOT of  this material.  So we made a runner out of it. I love the pattern, just not sure what to do with all of that material.  Maybe one day it will come to me!

As we often do, hubby and I often enjoy a cup of coffee with dinner and desert, with breakfast or for breakfast, a snack in between breakfast and lunch, with lunch or lunch. Ok......I have a confession to make. We are COFFEEHOLICS!!!!!!  These HUGH coffee mugs were my containers for my chocolate covered strawberries (my version of edible arrangements) for Valentine's Day Gifts. I did say "were for" until I saw the size of them and thought they would be awesome for coffee!  Oh yeah,......a dollar store find!

A cute little dish and check out the acorn spreader!

I had a customer at work help me out with the antlers and also my hubby. The antlers hug the glass cylinder with acorns all around it and scattered along the table. Did you notice the little bling?  I always have to have some kind of bling.......

I found these candy dishes at Khol's in the clearance section and thought they would make cute soup tureens! So I swapped out the bowl and cute little leaf dish and put this adorable acorn soup tureen in its place.  I like this better, don't you?

This is a table for two and you ask,  where is the other chair?  We are in the process of giving my living room an Andrea's Touch and have not decided on chairs yet.  I would like to have red ones but afraid to go that route, so yeah, I went with white...what was I thinking!  I was going to convert this chair to a swivel chair because really, those shiney nickle colored legs just don't go with the Andrea's Italian Old World Charm Theme.
The little orange thingy on the floor is my dog's toy. "Buck" thought it would go nicely with the theme!

 I tried to take this in the "romantic mode" you know, with all the lights off. Just a little candlelight and of course the TV! Well,......  it gave me the right kind of light that I needed so it didn't look so yellow-orange as  the pictures look with the lights on, no flash. It is hard to capture the "true" warm feeling in the room. I am not a photographer but do try my best. Maybe that will be another hobby to take up. Ummmmmm....a Christmas present.......

I hoped that you enjoyed our little rustic retreat. Please let me know what you think. I enjoy reading all the comments. Also, please remember to link back to Susan's over at "Between Naps on the Porch " to check out more lovely tablescapes!  
Have a wonderful week and keep bringing those beautiful tables for everyone to enjoy!

Best Wishes,



Jacqueline said...

At first I thought that was a magnificent sideboard but then I caught on that that was your fireplace. What a piece. You have lovely furniture! How fun to visit in your living room. Your table was so pretty and the colors are just lovely. My favorite is your candle holder with the antlers. That certain created the mood. Thanks for inviting me in.

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

A great table setting, but I have to tell you that I LOVE those antlers. Such a fabulous addition.

Marlis said...

great table.. I love the sideboard and your fireplace. Wow. I know what to do with my antlers after this tablescape.. thanks to your hurricane centerpiece.

Life with L said...

I'm with Jacqueline, I to thought that gorgeous piece of furniture was a sideboard. Wow, that is stunning! You table is lovely with all of it's details. The antlers are a nice touch. I love that you used the candy dishes for soup tureens...Clever...I like to do things like that to mix and match. The Tree of Life is beautiful.
Great table and thank you for inviting me into your lovely home. (one tip) get rid of the security letters, you will find some people won't comment if they have to put in the security code. Linda

Andrea (Softer Side of Me) said...

Linda Thank you so much for the tip! If there are other tips that can be useful for the blog, please pass them on to me. Because really, I don't have a clue...I'm still learning.
Thank to Linda, Marlis, Pattie and Jacqueline for visiting my blog!

Alycia Nichols said...

Mmmmmmmmm....that "Tree of Life" fabric is fabulous! Great buy, and perfect use!!! I hope you and hubby enjoyed the romantic and pretty setting you prepared!

Entertaining Women said...

Everything is lovely, and the Tree of Life fabric is spectacular. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Mimi said...

I like your romantic setting...the salad plates have all the warm fall colors. I love the table topper, beautiful fabric. The little covered soup bowls are cute as ever.

Debbie said...

I went out of town not long after TT last week so I'm just getting a chance to enjoy more tables. This is just terrific! I'm another one who loves to move a table into the living room in front of the fireplace. It's just cozier.

I liked it with the little leaf plates in the bowls, but I LOVED the little acorn tureens even more. They are adorable. My favorite dish in the setting is that wonderful salad plate with the bold plaid/check pattern. It just gives the setting a wonderful punch.

I think this is warm and inviting and as Mimi said, ROMANTIC. Great job!

Debbie said...

And I'm a coffeeholic too. Love those mugs!

we three dogs and me said...

wow I am so jealous you home is so beautiful I loveyour fireplaces. Your tablescape is absolutly beautiful. Happy holiday