Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just A Touch of Spring!

Hello Ladies!

    I am sure that most of you on the east coast are enjoying a tease of warm weather, at least for us northern girls. It has been absolutely gorgeous out! My daffodils are emerging from the long winters nap and I hope they don't get to shocked because I know we are not done with old man winter.

     It has been an discouraging week for me. Back in Sept., I had lost my boss to a massive heart attack. The business was left to his sons and us 3 girls have been running it.  Our tavern reminds me a lot of the TV series CHEERS. We are just ONE big happy family. Our landlord on the other hand has a very cold heart and gets quite upset when he can't have his way.  Valentine's Day he displayed his coldness and put padlocks on our doors. It has been 1 week today and things are still unsettled and the doors are still padlocked! Trying to find a job in this market has been quite challenging......and I am still looking.

     I have been doing a lot "catch up cleaning" since the weather has been encouraging. Cleaning out cupboards, organizing, finding "knick knacks" that have been lost and now emerged from their hiding places. I have been "somewhat" productive this week.

    So this table is a little bit of spring with my Valentine Tulips still a bloom and are at their grandest display with a touch of bunnies that came out from their hiding place. The snowman coffee mugs are to remind me that old man winter is not finished yet!  Hope you enjoy the pics and let me know how you are doing with your new finds!   Enjoy!!

With Spring around the corner....

 Beauty is coming to life...

 The birds singing in the warm sunshine....

And the bunnies playing under the flowers.

But not to far away, a watchful eye is among us reminding us he is not done yet!

So, I will sit here among the flowers and enjoy a lite lunch
and enjoy the day....

As the evening draws near and settle down for the night....

and dreaming of that morning coffee and a scrumptious mid-day brunch,

I will enjoy the blustery day of old man's winter returns in hopes of a kinder, warmer spring days ahead!

Have a wonderful day!
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 Tulips:  Mr. Me :)
Plates:  T J Maxx
Silverware: Mr. Me purchase
Napkins: Khol's
Green Napkins: Always Elegant
Napkin Rings: Wegman's
Coffee Mug:  Dollar Store and I painted them
White Saucer: T J Maxx
Bunnies: Horchow years ago
Crystal Vase: A wedding present
Table topper: A pillow sham from Pottery Barn....$1.99 bargin!
Candles: Dollar Store .25 a piece  bought tons of them!
Candle Holders: Wal-mart years ago...I just frosted them

Lite Lunch: Lemon Pepper Salmon on a bed of greens with a Tomato Bean Tapenade  and a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze
Scrumptious Brunch:  Stuffed French Toast (mascarponi cheese and a nut desert filling), freshly grated nutmeg, a lite dusting of powdered sugar and a fresh strawberry AND a dollop of mascarponi cheese with a drizzle of rich, dark chocolate.

I do so enjoy your sweet comments, please feel free to leave. If not, I understand because there a lot of wonderful tables to visit!
Until next time.......

Muah!   Andrea


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for your wonderful visit! I could not for the life of me remember the name of that Chateau! Now I better not forget!

I adored your table. It gave me hope for spring as the snow was pounding down today. We went from 50s to snow! Yuck. I wish I had been at your table for both breakfast and lunch. Stuffed french toast is a family favorite and the salad looked fantastic too.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your table is beautiful! Pretty flowers and I'm lovin' the cute napkin holders-enjoy:@)

Entertaining Women said...

Your lovely transitional table does indeed remind me of the approaching Spring. I love those bunnies playing under the tulips. I pray that your job situation is resolved soon. I admire that you are using the time doing those tasks that we somehow never seem to accomplish. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

CAS said...

Your table is beautiful! I especially love the bunnies & the napkin rings. You made the entire room look so warm and cozy and inviting. The French Toast and Salmon Salad sounded wonderful. Can't wait to see whats next, so I'm a new follower.

Queenie said...

Beautiful table those bunnies :)

Barbara said...

You have managed to put together the perfect table for this in between time. The food looks delicious! I hope your job hunting is successful.

Sheila said...

Beautifully done! The thing that enticed me the most was the food. I guess I'm ready for dinner. Anyway, I must have your recipes. Please, please post them for me. Thanks!

Marigene said...

Andrea, beautiful those plates. Your salmon lunch looks delicious...but the brunch even better!

Magpies and Magnolias said...

Damn girl!

That is some amazing looking food! I had better not let my husband see what he is missing out on or I will have to step up to the plate in a BIG way!

Seriously, your table is beautiful and so is the food.

Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Life with L said...

What a breath of spring. Your table is lovely. I am loving those bird napkin rings. Who doesn't like Tulips? Those bunnies are so cute.
Salad salad...Yumm! Your food is making me hungry.
Enjoy your week-end.


Anita said...

Beautiful, beautiful table!! I wish you the best in the job hunt. It is really bad these days here for sure. Thanks for stopping by! I should have the coffee server preview this week!!