Sunday, November 13, 2011

tutorial: Frosted Stemware

Do you have some not so pretty stemware?  Or, maybe they are plain....lacking of.
Here is a easy, quick tutorial I did on some stemware that I have had for years. I thought I would "spruce them up" a little bit.

     I am sure that you have seen this stuff and even possibley have used it.

I have used this on many of my items when something needs to be... well, let's just say.....freshened up!
My stemware went from this:

To this:

Let me show you how I did this.  It is very, very easy.

First of all you need:
Saran Wrap
Scotch Tape
Frosted Glass Finish

Make sure your stemware is free of any spots, fingerprints. Make them spotless....sparkle!
Next Place as many rubberbands on your stemware as you like. I used four.  Wrap the bottom portion of your glass with Saran Wrap and Tape it down so the finish will not leak down the stem.

Next, spray your stemware in a well ventilated area.

Let dry and remove the rubberbands and Saran Wrap and Viola!  You have new stemware!!

The possibilities are endless!  Stickers can be used to coordinate with your china,  coordinate with the season.
Colored glasses may be frosted with your own designs on them.
Here are some examples,

Does anyone have a Cricut? Imagine what designs you could use!!!!
Try it..... share your creations. Would love to see them!!!

Keep Inspiring!!


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Andrea, this is one of the most clever things I have seen in a long time! I absolutely LOVE it! The possibilities are endless! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Barbara F. said...

I would love to try this sometime. They turned out beautifully. xo