Monday, November 14, 2011

Reprise of A Little Warm and Coziness For All

Reprise of A Little Warm and Coziness For All

Hello!  I am joining Chari at Happy to Design for "Sunday Favorites" as I repost one of my 1st tablescapes for Thanksgiving.

A Little Warm and Coziness For All

Now that all of the ghosts and goblins have been put away, it is time now for family gatherings with the fall colors. Here in WV the trees are starting to take those orange, yellow, red and green colors. The nights have cooled down and the days are sunny and pleasant. Sitting under a warm, cozy blanket with a hot beverage in front of the fireplace puts me in a "nesting" mood. Don't you just enjoy those moments?

This weeks tablescape brings out all of those fall colors. I have even included some items that my husband loves about fall. Can you find them? You will see more of his favorite "items" closer to Thanksgiving!

The table covers consist of 5 yds of the burnt orange material. I didn't cut to fit because it is suppose to be used for the back of the chairs in the dining room. The runner is of 2 pieces of chocolate brown that I made for a wedding display.

Plates are as followed: White charger from T J Max......yellow dish was found at the craft store.
This cute little leaf plate has been hidden in my cupboards for many years.  Love the colors and not sure where I found this great little find.  I only have 2, so I hope to go on a scavenger hunt to find more.
 The napkins are layered with the print, which I just love the colors and an organza napkin. The silverware is from Oneida...Satin Sand Dune

This cute spreader was a great find at the craft store. On sale for $.50! Needless to say, I bought all that they had.
 A nice warm mug of Apple Cider with the cinnamon stick spells warm and cozy.  Mug is from my Princess House collection.
 I though I would throw a little of my husband in here.  The antlers is from his collection.  My leaf S & P shakers were bought when I bought those lovely leaf plates.  Acorns are faux and found at Khol's.
My centerpiece was made for a wedding display. I have two of them and use this centerpiece a lot in my dining room. The colors are what I usually work with and just works well in here. I have lots of TALL centerpieces that I have made and hate to tear them apart.......

 Mmmmm.....smell the apple pie freshly baked! Cute little candle I found at the Dollar Store.
My little leaf bowl that I believe was found at the Dollar Store. It is cradling a candle.....

The beaded spikes were purchased at the craft store for a little bit of nothing.  I had a fall wedding to do and bought lots to do the table with.  Lots of garland and picks........
 The smell of pumpkin, cloves, and spice reminds me of the upcoming holidays......cloves are in the glass hurricanes........
 These are recycled wine bottles that we had found at the Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival in Virginia. Loved them...could have gotten more but thought I would save them for someone to buy.

 My pumpkin soup tureen was purchased many years ago and just great for this time of the year.

 Now we move to the warmth of the coziness........

 My son drew that picture I believe when he was 10. That is a picture of him beside his art.

 Plain white candles that are glitterized.....yes, I do have glitter EVERYWHERE!

 The other side of the fireplace with Harry Potter Book (my son loved the books. Did you notice the leopard print in the lampshades? A little warm, cozy and Wild when they are lit !

Thanks for stopping by and please, let me know what you think of my little warm and coziness spot! Enjoy your spot!

Please don't forget to stop by Between Naps on the Porch for more wonderful tablescapes to enjoy!


Savvy Seasons said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely-lovely display! I think you did a magnificent job! xo ~Liz

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Andrea...

Ohhh my goodness!!! Your home and your table looks absolutely GORGEOUS all dressed up for autumn, my friend! Of course, I just love the color theme...soooo very rich and warm! I think the orange fabric that you used for the table covering is sooo pretty! Ohhh...and your tall autumn floral centerpiece...Ohhh is one of the prettiest that I've ever seen!!! Your table is beautiful, my friend! Thank you for sharing it with us! And...thank you for sharing your gorgeous autumn mantel with us too! I LOVE your's stunning!

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! This was such a treat! Welcome to the Sunday Favorites's a pleasure having you! Sure hope that you'll join us again!

Warmest autumn wishes,