Monday, January 16, 2012

Old World Charm (part 1)

I have found out through reading some of my favorite blogs that Google friends will be discontinued in March. On my side bar you will notice that I have put up a button for Newwork Blogs. I would love to have you sign up and be my friend and follow me on my journeys in traveling, cooking, tablescapes, and decorating.  Join me and have some fun!!


As we start to re purpose and refine our homes, I struggle through this transition. If only we had a store in the basement to go shopping, wouldn't that just solve our decorating dilemmas? Yes, it is fun to move things from one room to another, but I have trouble with that sometimes..... don't you?

I though that I would just take a break from my overloaded brain in refining and go exploring. So, let's have some fun and join me!!  Let's go and take a journey to the European country and absorb their culture, textures......the simplicity of life.

As I was in the midst of this cleaning/organizing, I found a SD card that had my trip to Greece and the Greek Isles on it. Reminiscing of the year 2006 was just so relaxing to explore all those pictures again that I thought I would share them with you. The simplicity style, the use of textures and colors is why I fell in love with the old world charm.
(In 2006, I do believe that was the year that Greece hosted the Olympics. So we got to see some of the construction of the stadiums and thought that there was NO way they were going to have everything completed. Roads, rail systems and some stadiums had not even been started! As the months unfolded and the progress of their construction in completion, Greece hosted the Olympics!) After writing this, Greece hosted the Olympics in 2004 which now explains why my photos were focused on details and not the whole picture. You will see that in following posts on this journey. I will locate my 2004 trip to Greece and share them!

So lets go cruising and hope as you take this journey with me,  you can capture some ideas for your next decorating project!!

Leaving the port of Athens, Greece

Bye Athens........    for now

Our 1st destination will be: Mykonos    This island is known as the "Little Venice" with bars and cafes that give on to the most beautiful sunset and people who give in to the most alluring temptations.
...The white windmills dominate the island... A old as the hills, which in five in one!

Our ship has docked and it is a 30 min. walk to Mykonos. I chose to take the shuttle bus because we didn't have but maybe a couple of hours to explore this wonderful Island.

White washed buildings with a touch of blue and red......

 ....and the foliage billowing over the facade of the church walls with just a splash of color.

Street corner shops explode with the mediterranean blue...

...that brings a sense of purpose of where and why you are here.

Imagine these thatched roof structures, the arms extending out, covered with canvas, twirling in the warm summer breezes.....

 ....while enjoying a refreshing local cocktail on this secluded deck.

The simplicity of solid colored pillows and a sprig of flowers in an odd shaped glass vessel made this a very cozy place to sit and watch the sunset.

Fresh caught seafood for you dining delight appetite.

 ...You can see why this would remind you of Venice..

Those famous windmills getting ready for the sunset hour

Nothing like a little stroll through the streets in Mykonos, to be lost and absorbed in their way of living.

The decorative trim work around the windows on the door, the unevenness of the stone walk way which has no rhyme or rhythm and yet the calmness that is created with the white washed buildings and soft lighting makes your want to explore more....

.... And as night falls upon this remarkable island and gets ready for the night life, we get to vision the splendors of it all on our journey back to our ship. You can hear in the distance how this island comes alive with the sounds of laughter, Greek music welcoming fun,  and the cool warm breezes that just sucks you in for an adventure of a life time.
(my night time pictures are not the greatest, but wanted you to see the port of Mykonos at night  with the hills dotted with lights.)

.... how the light dances across the water

As the sun has set and our cruise ship awaits, another adventure in the Aegean Sea....Turkey and Rhodes,     Old World Charm (part 2)

Please come back and  take this incredible journey with me!

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Keep Inspiring!!


Barbara F. said...

Hi Andrea, I enjoyed these lovely photos of Greece. My dream is to take a cruise and visit there, but after this weekend's tragedy in Italy, I am having second thoughts. I tried following you on Networked Blogs, but I am not showing up although it accepted the follow. I don't like this one bit. I don't like that my full name shows up and I don't know how to change it. Why is Google friend Connect going away????????????????????????????? xo

Chubby N Chieque said...


Absolutely, loving your cruising moments.

I live in Stockholm and visiting neighbouring countries is such a pleasure.

I love the way the house looks like on the hills.

You are lucky you had a great weather.

Happy TTT...

Greetings from STockholm,