Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old World Charm (part 2)


Hello Everyone!

    As some of you are experiencing "winter" with the crisp, cold air and may even had some snow, we are going to continue to take a journey with me and take a break from the everyday life.

I hope you can capture the character from the old world charm and incorporate some of it in your decorating designing.  So, here we go! Off to Turkey and Rhodes

Kusadasi (pronounced kujadasw) is a resort town on Turkey's Aegean coast and the center of the seaside district of the same name in Aydin Province.  Kusadasi lies at a distance of 95 km (59 mi) to the south from the region's largest metropolitan center of Izmir, and 71 km (44 mi) from the provincial seat of Aydin situated inland.  Its primary idustry is tourism.

I remember walking around wearing a turquoise necklace and this Turkish man followed me all around the shopping complex holding this turquoise necklace wanting me to bargin and buy! As you can see, the sellers hang in the middle and then snatch you up as you are walking and lure you in their shops to buy their merchandise.

The streets in Kusadasi.  (We went to Epehsus and the House of Virgin Mary but I can't seem to locate those pictures. Sorry! However, two must places to visit if you ever get to go!)

 Leaving Turkey

Arriving to Rhodes

The castle wall surround the island

Entering a shopaholics paradise!!

A very welcoming friend... we stroll through the streets.

Household chores among the early hours of the day.....

..... while others demonstrate their talent.

A welcoming store mat....

.... and the relaxing side streets.

The usage of barrels....

.... and a quite spot.

The castle....

... the gardens

and a beautiful sunset to end the perfect day!

Our next destination....... Crete and Santorini!

I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey.
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Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Andrea, thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images. Ironically, I just posted today on my love of Old World decor! I enjoyed my visit!

The Tablescaper said...

What an amazing tour!!! Thank you sooo much for bringing them to Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper