Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old World Charm (part 3)

Old World Charm (part 3)

Hello, Everyone!!  What have you been up to?? Share with me!!

Well, the groundhog has seen his shadow which means for many of us 6 more weeks of winter.  Living in WV, I have been wondering.....did winter ever start? Will we finally get some snow?  My spring bulbs have emerged from the ground and have a good 8 to 10 inches of leaves on them. Crazy!

I am going to continue our journey with the Old World Charm and hope that you enjoy your visit to Santorini.

Good Morning Crete!

I believe that is snow up there on those mountains.....

 .... with the clear blue water crashing against the rocks.

If I had a way to bring that home, I wonder how I would have showcased it!

The road to the shopping world. however we did not make it. I had an issue with my new bank card where all of my shopping money was and had emergency US dollars on hand. It was a big issue and the bank had no clue why it didn't work. Despite of the issue, we still had a wonderful time, just not a lot of treasure to bring back.  Next time....


The layers in the ground from the Lava

 A view of Santorini Caldera Cliffs

Imagine creating a tablescape here...  What would you serve?

A wall made out of the volcanic rock

Here is not such a good picture because we were on the bus...moving but it is there grapevine vineyards. They said because of the soil that the vines produce a better product in "wreaths" instead of growing up on trellises. I don't know but the wine was good and it was a great visual.

A view of the volcano from the caldera cliffs. Our cruise ship awaits us.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!!

Okay, you can take donkey ride to the bottom of the cliffs or ride them to the top to get to the villages. They say if you are going to ride, ride up because they get fed at the bottom of the cliffs! I elected to do neither. I was on a tour which a bus took me to the top.......

....and the cable car took me to the bottom.

Bye Santorini for now..... I hope to visit you again!!

Next on our Old World Charm.....Athens, Greece!  Our final destination~
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Keep Inspiring!!

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